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      DCP Services, Inc. a South Florida based corporation since 1986, with our SIP and Hosted voice services provider DCPVoIP and our technology partners are proud to provide you 

Telecommunication solutions for all sized businesses.

SIP Trunking Overview Call us 954-591-VOIP

SIP Trunking is the best and most common method for connecting your IP-enabled PBX to the public telephone system via your broadband connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service.

 SIP Trunking has enabled businesses of all sizes to save compared to a traditional ISDN-PRI or analog phone lines. We ensure optimal performance by closely managing our voice-optimized network for exceptional reliability, availability, security, and quality of service.

Advantages of SIP Trunking include:

  • Compatible with the large majority of IP PBXs, See our extensive list of IP PBX Manufacturers.
  • Compatible with any TDM-based PBX or legacy CPE phone system using an Integrated Access Device (IAD) or IP media gateway.
  • Minimize long distance costs with your choice of either the Unlimited or Metered calling plan. 
  • Low per minute rates to minimize costs of long distance and international calls.
  • Select Unlimited Calling Plans or Metered  Voice calling Rates  with Long Distance minute bundles.
  • Support high-volume call centers or share one SIP Trunk across multiple locations with the Metered calling plan.
  • Security. Lock down your registration to a specific IP address to prevent fraud by disallowing registration from other locations.
  • SIP demo program. We can set you up in minutes and you can test our service for free.
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and 5-day Installation Guarantee.
  • Network-based redundancy. Provides failover should an outage occur on our network. We utilize DNS-based SIP Trunk registration giving you guaranteed redundancy.
  • Customize your service with add-on features such as automatic fail-over, enhanced DID with 911 service,  extra toll-free numbers, and call bursting.

The benefits of SIP Trunking include:

  • There is no need for a voice and a data circuit. Customers save by purchasing just a single data circuit for both services.
  • Purchase only what services you need and increase your concurrent call sessions in increments of one minimum of 3 sessions.
  • 3-day installation, guaranteed. Porting time not included in time frame.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing can improve the efficiency of the broadband circuit by up to 20%.
  • Failover and Redundancy options. OUR SIP Trunking has options for failover should a customer lose connectivity on one circuit, or in the case of multiple call centers; calls would be rerouted automatically as needed.
  • Call Bursting Option. A secondary SIP Trunk that provides utilization of more concurrent call sessions on a temporary basis. This option includes up to 25 burstable call sessions beyond what the customer currently has purchased.

 DCPVoIP Hosted VoIP  Call us 954-591-VOIP

  DCPVoIP Hosted service combines the cost saving benefit of cloud-based telephony solution with the productivity advantages of UC (unified communications). Businesses get the advantage of more powerful communications with the integration of voicemail, web collaboration, video, instant messaging and presence, fax and phone service.

Benefits of Cloud UC

Save Money

  • Avoid the cost of leasing, buying and maintaining a PBX or Key System.
  • Reduce the cost of telecom and IT support with a hosted, cloud-based service.
  • Move, add and change employees quickly using a simple web-based portal.
  • Avoid the cost of switching broadband when moving to Cloud UC.
  • Save time and money when integrating and training your employees with a one-stop solution.

Productivity, Collaboration and Mobility Features

  • Advanced calling features like FindMe/Follow Me so you never miss a call, or Fixed MobileConvergence to seamlessly move calls between mobile andoffice phones.
  • Connect anytime, anywhere with affordable communication and collaboration features to work seamlessly across devices and locations.
  • Improve voicemail communications with voicemail-to-email.
  • Client applications to enable services on any device from your desktop PC to your iOS or Android device.
  • Video Calling and Instant Desktop Sharing to improve collaboration.
  • Save time and money when integrating and training your employees with a one-stop solution.

Flexibility Because No One Size Fits All

  • Choice of calling plans provides different billing options for any type of business.
  • Choice of affordable usage plans.
  • Mix and match service packages based on individual employee needs.
  • Choice of Broadband. Use your own broadband or choose from our providers Cable, high speed broadband, Fiber, and Ethernet services.
  • Wide selection of phones and network equipment.
  • Installation and training services, tailored to the needs of your employees.

Our Hosted Voice Benefits

  • Savings. With Hosted Voice, there is no PBX or Phone System to purchase or lease. You can move, add and change employees within 24 hours. Save up to 50% over traditional phone systems.
  • Advanced features. Improve the accessibility, mobility, and productivity of your team with powerful IP-enabled features.Reliable and Scalable.
  • BusinessContinuity Because phone service is hosted in the DCPVoIP cloud PBX, it stays up and running no matter what happens at your physical location.
  • Avoid Obsolescence. Our Hosted Voice is a future-proof solution that can grow with your business.You will never have to worry about outdated equipment orupgrade concerns. Adding new features, users, or business locations at any time is fast and easy.
  • Experience Matters.


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